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  • At last a way to record non-natural and diverse macromolecules
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HELM notation

Find out  how it can transform your storage of large molecule information

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4th February 2014
The HELM project is pleased to announce a collaboration with the EBI to make the content of ChEMBL - EMBL-EBIs database of bioactive entities containing over a million compounds - available in the HELM notation.

20th January 2014
Exchangeable HELM development starts
The HELM project is delighted to announce that the quattro research bid has won our recent RFP. Quattro will be extending the HELM specification and code to include monomer information thus making the exchange of information between organisations easier

11th January 2014

Slides are now available from Roland Knispel's presentation of HELM at the SLAS meeting in San Diego.

16th December 2013
Version 1.1 of the HELM editor now available on GitHub. Read the release notes for full details

14th October 2013
The Pistoia Alliance and HELM
Alex Drijver presented the HELM story to a highly engaged audience at the ICIC in Vienna.
20th September 2013
We are pleased to announce that the HELM notation specification V1.0 has been released!
This is a major milestone for the project in its mission to make HELM freely available
20th September 2013
HELM for the Masses
Roland Knispel gave an excellent talk on HELM to the ACS at their CNIF webinar.
8-12th September 2013
Barry Bunin and Jinbo Lee presented to the ACS at their Indianapolis meeting. It was great to hear that interest in HELM was very high.
20th June 2013
HELM Code Orientation Webinar
It was great to have so many of you attend the Webinar. For those who couldn't make it, the code orientation slides and meeting recording are now available.
18th June 2013
HELM is released!
The Pistoia Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the HELM biomolecular representation standard software toolkit and editor under the permissive open source MIT licence.
For full details see HELM press release.
30th May 2013 
HELM "Lunch and Learn" event in London was a great success. Please see the Pistoia Alliance HELM slides for more information on HELM and the project as a whole.
Future events where HELM will be presented.
  • SLAS San Diago, CA. Jan 2014